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Let's end the two party system

  • Are you fed up with both major political parties in this country?

  • Does it ever seem that the elected officials for which you've voted are far too often toeing their own party line instead of actually representing their constituencies?  

  • When you hear the issues debated by the political elite, are you only presented with false dichotomies that you know have other more nuanced solutions than those being discussed?

  • Do you think the so-called divisions in this country are mostly superficial and only amplified by the mentality of the loudest on the left and the right that my team is right and your team is wrong?

You are not alone.

Since 2013 Gallup polling has consistently shown a plurality of respondents consider themselves Independent as opposed to being either Republican or Democrat.  The most recent poll conducted in July found 38% of respondents identify as Independent while only 29% were Democrats and 28% were Republican.

We also have a significant portion of the population that altogether doesn't vote.  Research by the United States Election Project estimates over 90 million people, or roughly 40% of eligible voters, didn't cast a ballot in 2016.  There are many reasons why an individual may end up not voting, but I'd be willing to bet many in the U.S. are discouraged when they can  see both party apparatuses are truly working for the donor class and moneyed interests which keep them in power.

There IS another option.

Plenty of us know there's little difference whether it's a Democrat or a Republican holding power, but we in the middle don't have to feel forced to make the false choice between the lesser of two evils.  We only need to realize there are enough of us in order to make our voices heard.  So often I hear those who think they'd be throwing their vote away by not choosing one of the two major candidates, but we can overcome this mentality just by knowing there is a significant chuck of the population that feels similarly.  That's why I'm calling on all individuals who don't feel at home within either major political party or don't see any real difference between the two to band together, and we can make our protest votes count.

The Presidency isn't our only concern...

It may actually be of the least importance.  Even with the ever-expanding role of the executive branch, I'd make the case that the laws drafted and passed by our legislature more directly affect our individual lives, and even more so on state and local levels.  We need to seek out candidates in all races at all levels of government who don't bow to a party establishment.  We must give non-partisan candidates our consideration in every contest, whether it be local, state, or federal.

Together WE CAN Usher In The End of Partisan Politics

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